Mgghh       Linnupoig      Trax

The history of "Band Estonia" (Band Eesti) began in May 1996, when four merry
men Tamm, Mgghh, Linnupoig and Trax joined a traveling company and participated to a basketball tournament in Holland. Before that event Mgghh, Linnupoig and Trax met in 1993 in a students group at Tõlluste, Saaremaa. A 2-string contrabass was lent from above mentioned students group and they earned some extra to their poor student`s summer salary by performing to tourists at a square before the castle of Kuressaare. Also a sing-along was tried between the student groups of
Tõlluste (Mgghh) and Stepi (Linnupog & Trax). But it was the trip to Holland in May 1996 that gave the impulse for further musical experiments. The possibility of plugging in the double-bass amplifier in the bus made it possible to perform according to the high standards of bandsmen. That was the first true 10-day
series of performing. Nevertheless performing at birthday parties during the period of 1996 - 1999 could not be regarded as regular music playing. That was why chronology of the band began on the 19th of December 1999.

The idea of creating a band and performing regularly was taken seriously in autumn 1999, when necessary gear and instruments were purchased. Long-lasting debates took place over the name of the band. For some time "Delirium Dreams Orchestra" was used, but the final version was "Estonia" (Eesti). This name came from the
fact that the Building Organization of the Students of Estonia - BOSE (Eesti Üliõpilaste Ehitusmalev - EÜE) had ceased to exist. Since the first part - BOS - did not exist anymore, the only remain of it was E - Estonia. Due to striped uniforms worn occasionally, the band sometimes calls himself "Jobannõje Matrosõ" (Fucking Sailors).

The joining of the solo guitarist Gibz (Heiki Kübbar) gave a rise to the musical
level of the band in June 2000. Thanks to Gibz has the band been able to play somewhat more demanding repertoire (rock`n`roll style) since then.

The first performance and the starting point of the chronology was Christmas party on the 19th of December 1999 of an ice cream manufacturer "Balbiino" in Tallinn at a restaurant "Gnoom". Since then the band has performed in Tallinn, Pärnu, Tartu, Saaremaa and smaller places like Roosta, Lemmeranna etc. For two years the band has given approximately 50 concerts.

Separately some style parties should be mentioned (REMA 1000 Co. style party "Wedding at a collective farm" February 2000; "On the tracks of Lenin" March 2000; "Village party" at Nõmme pub winter 2000 etc.) and also athletes nights at the pub "Buldog", "Summer Days" of pubs of Estonia and other summer meetings
of several companies. One of the most famous parties with long traditions the
band participated was Costume Party of the Male Choir of Tallinn Technical University (TAM) in March 2001. The musical highlight of the band was without any doubt "Õllesummer 2001", the biggest Beer festival of Estonia. The band performed to approximately 1500 listeners and the reception was extremely warm.

The New Year Eve Party 2001/2002 style was dedicated to the final of Eurovision Song Contest. There were 9 participants on the mini-contest. The most attractive song was "Klaara and Veera" by the jury's opinion.

The foundations of "Band Estonia's" repertoire are Estonian student songs (approximately 50). The band has also sung songs of other Estonian bands - VL, Untsakad, Rock Hotel, Fix, Folkmill, Apelsin etc.

Several excellent musicians have honored "Band Estonia" by co-performing. Elo Kalmet, whose prototype on the bands poster is a little animal standing by the bass drum and holding its ears was band's musical adviser till spring 2001. She
also supported the band with rhythmical and key instruments and flute and was
an irreplaceable female vocalist, who formed her own hits like "Smoke of a campfire" (Lõkkesuits) and "My friend - the wind" (Mu sõber tuul). From the Estonian band "Zorbas" Toomas Penu has played the bouzouki. Guitar playing has been supported by one of the coolest swift-fingers of Estonia Tamur Marjasoo, "Zorbas`s" ex-member Toomas Sermat and legendary beer-contest runner Andres Keskküla. An excellent person and bass-guitar player Anti Kopliste has played with the band in summer 2000. Actor from the theatre "Endla" Pärnu, Andres Karu, has helped the band in organizing and carrying out theme parties. Author of several legendary student songs Peeter Prisk (Piva-Pets) has taken care of the original presentation of his songs. Normann and Milling, famous Estonian actors, sang with the band at an "Athletes Party" at the pub "Buldog". Toivo Tulvik, by nickname "His excellency The Prime Minister" has also resounded his sonorous voice with the band. Worth mentioning are also girl called Monika Kopti, who sang with us at "Õllesummer 2001" and an mysterious accordion player from Saaremaa, who supported the sound of the band at jubilee party at Saaremaa in June 2000. The youngest performer in the band has been Trax`s son Marko Kaar, who while playing rhythm rustle at "Daewoo Summer Party" in July 2000 was 6 years old.
So-called karaoke-style performers have been others, but it would take too long to make note of them all.

Our fan club has had a great influence on the band. It is a group of 30 splendid people, who have been sympathizing with us and watching closely to bands doings. Also they have injected positive energy into us. Their motto is "Viva the baaaaand!"

We hope the number of club members will increase. There are no membership fees or entering procedures. The only recommendation is to attend to band concerts and enjoy themselves. The members of the fan club usually drink much and in doing so - frequently. We also hope that the page with song texts will increase the number of fan-club members.