254.   Fucking Rabbit
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Fm        C7 Ab   Bb         Fm   C7  Ab  Bb
Summertime, and a rabbit is jumping
             Bbm Cm   C#7              C7  C#7 C7  
Her eyes are red and the voice uncontrolled
Fm        C7 Ab   Bb         Fm   C7  Ab  Bb
She's looking young, but she isn't I know it
   Ab                  Bb  C#7                C7  
So jump little rabbit, and don't you do it so low

It's the summertime and the rabbit still jumping
Where're now her eyes?! Really don't know
She's jumping slow, and my mother doesn't like it
So jump little rabbit, jump jump and don't do it so low

Still the summertime and the fucking rabbit is jumping ...
Around the world
From where ... this fucking rabbit has came to here
This rabbit's name has now known as nightmare
So jump jump jump jump and don't reproduc